Operational Rules: Overview

The set of rules about everyday activities, including TEL harvesting rules, construction and maintenance rules and others. Set and enforced by Miner Councils in collective-choice processes.


The operational-choice rules are the set of rules, determined by Miner Councils in collective-choice processes, that structure day-to-day human and technological interactions with the Telcoin Platform and between stakeholders. The following section provides an overview of the full set of operational-choice rules.

TEL Harvesting Rules

The rules that define who may harvest, how much TEL from the Telcoin Platform, based on what formula, using what means and technology, and the infrastructure involved in the allocation, storage, distribution and extraction of TEL issuance by miners. Includes:

Harvesting Rules

TEL Treasury Distribution Rules

TAN Harvesting Rules

TELx Harvesting Rules

Telcoin Network Harvesting Rules

Council Members: Harvesting Rules

TAO Harvesting Rules

Eligibility and Authorization Rules

The required attributes and conditions for participants to enter, maintain, and exit various positions of authority within the Telcoin Platform governance system. Includes:

Eligibility and Authorization Rules

Stakers: Positions, Eligibility, and Authorization Rules

Developers: Eligibility and Authorization Rules

Liquidity Miners: Eligibility and Authorization Rules

Validators: Eligibility and Authorization Rules

Council Members: Eligibility and Authorization Rules

Maintenance and Construction Rules

The rules that define who is responsible for constructing and maintaining Telcoin Platform infrastructure, includes:

Maintenance and Construction Rules

Platform-wide Maintenance and Construction Rules

TAN Maintenance and Construction Rules

TELx Maintenance and Construction Rules

Telcoin Network Maintenance and Construction Rules

Communication and Information Rules

The rules that define how, what, where and when actors may and must communicate and share information, includes:

Community Meetings and Updates

Control, Monitoring, and Enforcement of Communication and Information Rules

Conflict Resolution Rules

The rules that structure how conflicts are resolved and disputes are mediated. The Compliance Council is authorized and responsible for creating conflict resolution policies and compliance procedures using the Compliance Council Improvement Proposal (“CCIP”) process, and for administrating or coordinating the administration of the system.

Conflict Resolution Rules