Harvesting Rules

The rules that define who may harvest, how much TEL, based on what formula, by what means, using what technology, and via what infrastructure.

The rules that define

  • Who can harvest.
  • How much TEL issuance from the platform.
  • Based on what formula.
  • By what means.
  • Using what technology.
  • The infrastructure involved in the allocation, storage, distribution, extraction of TEL issuance by miners.
  • TEL Treasury Distribution Rules

    The TEL Treasury distributes issuance at a rate of 10% of the TEL in the Treasury per year, with 1B TEL distributed in year one, based on rules that are set by the Platform and Treasury Councils.

    TAN Harvesting Rules

    Stakers and Developers stake TEL, produce new users and volume and mobile apps respectively, and harvest TEL from TAN based on their adoption of the Telcoin Platform according to rules that are set by the TAN Council.

    TELx Harvesting Rules

    Liquidity Miners produce DeFi markets, stake TELx LP tokens, and harvest from a flow of 200M TEL in year 1 on TELx, pro-rata based on their share of staked liquidity, according to rules according to rules that are set by the TELx Council.

    Telcoin Network Harvesting Rules

    GSMA Operator Member, mobile network operators stake TEL for proof of stake consensus on Telcoin Network, manage a validator node, and harvest from a TEL allocation of 200M TEL in year one. They harvest TEL at a rate of 547,945.205 TEL per day, based on their ...

    Council Members: Harvesting Rules

    When they are elected, Council Members are transferred a Council NFT. In year one, a total TEL allocation of 30M distributes on a per block basis, at an annual rate of 909,090.909 TEL per member, to each Council NFT for members to harvest. Council Member TEL h...

    TAO Harvesting Rules

    An initial TEL airdrop of 20M TEL and an on-going stream of 50M TEL flows to the TAO in year one to finance its purposes. TAO harvesting rules are set by the Platform and Treasury Council using the TELIP process.