A Blockchain Consortium for Mobile Networks

The Telcoin Association is a non-profit organization whose mission is to represent the interests of GSMA Mobile Networks and other stakeholders in maintaining and developing the Telcoin Platform.


Telcoin is a GSMA Associate Member

The Telcoin Platform

Telcoin Network

A public, EVM-compatible blockchain exclusively run and secured by GSMA mobile network operators globally.

Telcoin (TEL) Token

The native token of the Telcoin Platform, Association governance, and the gas token of the Telcoin Network.


A liquidity network on DeFi protocols that enables access to user-owned, self-custodial digital asset exchange.

Telcoin Application Network

An open ecosystem for any GSMA member to develop distributed applications on the Telcoin Platform.

Learn more about the Telcoin Association

The Telcoin Association is the legal framework providing guidelines for the Telcoin Platform and the Actors that engage with it. Read the Telcoin Association Documentation to learn more about the systems and participants it encompasses and how you can get involved.

Visit the Telcoin Association Governance Forum

The virtual town hall where decentralized governance takes place. Stakeholders use the forum to create, share, collaborate, and vote on governance proposals that shape the future of the Telcoin Platform and the services it offers.