Control, Monitoring, and Enforcement of Communication and Information Rules

Rules that structure authority, monitoring and enforcement activities related to communication and information rules.

Authority over Communication and Information Rules

Platform Council Authority: The Platform Council has authority, using the TIP process, to:

  • Create new meeting types, channels
    • Example: The Platform Council decides to create a Miner Council town hall every quarter.
  • Alter existing communication rules
    • Example: The Platform Council could vote to require each Miner Council to host recurring meetings each week.
  • Local Miner Council Autonomy: Independently Miner Councils possess the authority to:

  • Schedule Recurring Meetings: Schedule meetings within the rules determined by the Platform Council,
  • Change their Communication Policies: Alter existing and add new communication channels at their discretion, so long as those rules do not breach over-arching communication rules set by the Platform Council.
  • Agenda setting: Set their own agendas.
  • Moderate and Administer: Moderate their own discord and forum channels and to select and finance their own administration staff to moderate on their behalf.
  • Monitoring and Enforcement of Communication and Information Rules

  • Monitoring and Enforcement: The Compliance Council is required to monitor meetings for full attendance and compliance with communication rules, and is permitted to enforce rules by requesting the TAO revoke governance NFTs from absent council members and vote on their behalf until a new member is selected.
  • Enforcement: The TAO is required to revoke and vote on behalf of council members at the direction of the Compliance Council, and the TAO is forbidden to take any enforcement action without the express written approval of the Compliance Council, or else the Compliance Council will revoke the TAO’s authority and request the Platform Council to initiate a proposal to plan, finance, and select a new group or individual to administrate the Telcoin communication facilities.