Governance Infrastructure

Miners interact with a variety of systems to participate in Telcoin Platform governance processes.

Governance Infrastructure Overview

The following section provides a descriptive summary of the components that encompass the Telcoin Platform governance infrastructure.

Safe Wallets

Safe Wallets are a popular multi-signature wallet that can be extended through the use of Gnosis Safe Modules.

Governance NFTs

Custom Sablier enhanced ERC721 contracts will be used to grant voting power and TEL issuance to council members.


Snapshot is a popular off-chain voting tool. Miner Councils use Snapshot to vote on council decisions. Miner Groups use Snapshot to elect representatives to Miner Councils and in constitutional processes that set the governance system rules.

Zodiac Reality Module

Zodiac Reality integrates Snapshot with Gnosis Safes. Since Snapshot is an off-chain tool, an oracle is required to bring results of votes on-chain.

Zodiac Guard

Zodiac Guards can be added to Gnosis Safes to prevent the Zodiac Reality module from executing certain transactions. The Compliance Council will be able to veto transactions using the Guards set up on each council’s safe.

Zodiac Bridge Module

Zodiac Bridge enables Gnosis Safes on different chains to prompt each other to make transactions. Zodiac Bridge is useful once Snapshot configurations are defined via ENS.

Zodiac Reality Arbitrator Contract

The Compliance Council owns an Arbitrator contract that is responsible for handling arbitration requests for the Reality.eth oracle. The contract is called when a user disagrees with the current result of the reality.eth oracle for a given snapshot proposal.