Telcoin Representative Improvement Proposal (TRIP) Rules

The process used by Miner Groups to alter their Council Members’ special duties.


The Telcoin Representative Improvement Proposal (TRIP) process is the constitutional-choice process by which individual Miner Groups (Stakers, Developers, Liquidity Miners, Validators) alter their representatives’ positions, titles, special duties, selection criteria, nomination applications and evaluative criteria.

Position and Boundary Rules

Proposal Authors

Proposal AuthorConditionsProposal Channel
Forum ProposalAll forum members may submit TGIP proposals.
StakersAll Stakers with 2% of the TEL staked from a Telcoin mobile wallet may submit TRIP proposals.
DevelopersAll authorized Developers with 2% of TEL by staked all developers may submit TRIP proposals.
Liquidity MinersAll Liquidity Miners with 2% of the total staked TELx LPT containing TEL may submit TRIP proposals.
ValidatorsAll Validators with 2% of the TEL staked for validation may submit TRIP proposals if there are 10 authorized validators producing blocks on Telcoin Network.
TAO MembersAll TAO members holding a TAO NFT may submit TRIPs to any Miner Group snapshot for voting.All


As TRIP proposals are specific to the miner group, eg Stakers propose and vote on TRIPs that regulate the duties of their selected representatives, each miner group may propose and vote to alter their representatives duties at any time without consent from any other Miner Group. The Telcoin Association Operations UAB (TAO) will propose and vote on TRIP’s on behalf of Validators until a quorum of 10 Validators are authorized by the Compliance Council, and are participating in Proof of Stake consensus on Telcoin Network.

StakersAll Stakers with a staked TEL balance at the time of the proposal may vote.Staked TEL by Telcoin app users80%20%7 days
DevelopersAll authorized Developers with a staked TEL balance at the time of the proposal may vote.Staked TEL by authorized Developers from uniquely identifiable wallets.80%20%7 days
Liquidity MinersAll Liquidity Miners with a staked TELx LPT containing TEL at the time of the proposal may vote.TELx LPTs containing TEL tokens.80%20%7 days
ValidatorsAll authorized Validators with a staked TEL balance for validation at the time of the proposal may vote if there are 10 authorized validators producing blocks on Telcoin Network.Staked TEL by authorized Validators from authorized wallets.4/5100%7 days
TAOThere must be less than 10 authorized Validators producing blocks.TAO NFTs4/5100%7 days

Choice Rules

Using the TRIP process, individual Miner Groups, e.g. Stakers, may alter their representatives position title, special duties, specialization, selection criterion, nomination applications and evaluative criterion. The TRIP process may not be used to make changes to any other aspect of Telcoin or the governance system.

Information, Communication, Governance Channels

Forum ChannelThe channel on the Telcoin forum where individuals may submit TRIP’s for review.
Documentation SectionThe section of the documentation hub where TRIP’s are catalogued in chronological order.
Staker SnapshotThe governance module where Stakers propose and vote on TRIP’s.
Developer SnapshotThe governance module where Developers propose and vote on TRIP’s.
Liquidity Miner SnapshotThe governance module where Liquidity Miners propose and vote on TRIP’s.
Validator SnapshotThe governance module where Validators (TAO in the interim) propose and vote on TRIP’s.

TRIP Process (Example using Stakers)

  • Forum Proposal: A Telcoin forum member submits a TRIP to the Telcoin Forum, using the TRIP template to propose changes to one of the Staker representatives on the Platform Council’s special duties.
  • Miner Group Proposal: A Staker with 2% of the total TEL staked by Stakers, submits the proposal to the Staker Snapshot for voting.
    • Requirements:

    • The proposal author must properly codify the proposal in chronological order e.g. [Staker TRIP1].
    • The proposal author must include all details as outlined in the TRIP proposal template.
  • Miner Group Vote: Stakers with a staked TEL balance at the time of the proposal vote over a 7 day period. If 80% of stakers voters approve of the proposal and 20% of all staked TEL votes within 7 days, then the proposal is passed.
    • Approval Rate: 80%
    • Quorum: 20%
    • Duration: 7 days or 168 hours
  • Implementation: The proposal author works with the TAO and/or other individuals and corporations as cited in the proposal, to implement the proposal.
  • Documentation: The Proposal Authors with the TAO or another firm or individual responsible for updating to properly document the proposal on TRIP documents.
  • Communication: The TAO and each of the proposal authors post the results of the proposal to the Telcoin Discord along with ongoing updates related to implementation.
  • TRIP Template

  • Miner Group: Who selects representatives into this Council Member position?
  • Miner Council: Which Council does this Council Member serve?
  • Specialization/Special Duties: What is this Council Member’s current specialization and special duties?
  • Link to Nomination Application: ***Insert the link to the current Nomination Application in the documentation
  • Abstract: Please share a brief summary 2-3 of the proposed changes.
  • Specification: Please give a complete description of the changes that will be made.
    • Rationale: Please provide a rationale for the changes.
    • Implementation: Please provide details related to who will take what steps to implement and document the changes.