For Liquidity Providers

Anyone meeting Telcoin Association basic criteria can participate by provide liquidity to TELx DeFi liquidity pools and earn associated rewards and transaction fees.

Liquidity providers, or “Liquidity Miners,” per the Association governance system, provide liquidity to TELx DeFi markets, stake their liquidity provider tokens (LPTs) in TELx staking contracts, earn fees from trades through their liquidity pools, and harvest TEL issuance from TELx based on their pro-rata share of staked liquidity.

Liquidity Miners are one of four Miner Groups that share equal authority in Telcoin governance. An individual liquidity miner’s political power is based on their pro-rata share of liquidity staked on TELx versus other liquidity miners.


To learn more about the role of Liquidity Miners in the Telcoin Platform: Visit the Association Miners Section.

To participate as a Liquidity Provider: Visit the TELx DeFi Exchange.