For GSMA Mobile Networks

GSMA Mobile Networks have the exclusive right to participate as Validators of the Telcoin Network, but can also deploy their own applications and provide market liquidity.

The Telcoin Association was established for the purpose of facilitating GSMA Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in operating as a blockchain consortium for common industry-wide benefit. GSMA MNOs have the widest variety of opportunity to participate in the Telcoin Platform, most notably as a Validator of the Telcoin Network.

MNOs can participate as Validators by meeting basic criteria set by the Telcoin Association, and then staking TEL for proof-of-stake consensus (PoS) on the Telcoin Network. MNO Validators are then able to operate validator nodes to produce and verify blocks of transactions on the Telcoin Network, earning TEL gas fees and TEL issuance when they secure blocks to the blockchain.

Validators are one of four Miner Groups that share equal authority in Telcoin governance. An individual validator’s political power is based on their pro-rata share of TEL staked for PoS versus other validators.


To learn more about the role of Validators in the Telcoin Platform: Visit the Association Miners Section.

To participate as a Validator: Visit the Telcoin Network.


GSMA MNOs can also participate as Application Developers or Liquidity Providers in the Telcoin Platform.